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The registered offices of Deutsche Bank Foundation are in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. Its business office is in Frankfurt am Main. 

Dr. Clemens Boersig (Chairman)
Michael Muench (Deputy Chairman)
Claudia Lange

Managing Director
Dr. Kristina Hasenpflug

Capital base
The foundation capital is € 140 million.

The work of the Deutsche Bank Foundation

Through its various activities, the Deutsche Bank Foundation aims to address the key challenges of our times. It helps young people to expand their horizons, turn their talents into skills and transform opportunities into success. Through its work in educational, cultural and social projects, the Deutsche Bank Foundation creates sustainable impulses for society, thereby strengthening social cohesion. The primary focus of the foundation’s work is in Germany.      

Cultural projects – developing creativity
Creativity and inspiration open our eyes to innovative solutions. In its cultural projects, the Deutsche Bank Foundation encourages up-and-coming artists to be creative and enhance their professional skills. The foundation helps to safeguard the existence of a diverse cultural landscape, while making it accessible to a broad public.

“Academy Opera Today” is the Deutsche Bank Foundation’s flagship cultural project, dedicated to providing support to young professionals in opera. Every year since 2001, the foundation has granted 15 fellowships to young stage designers, conductors, dramatic advisors, composers, cultural managers and directors. During the two-year fellowship, young artists are able to deepen their knowledge of artistic design and management, acquire practical experience and establish ties with important representatives of opera houses. Since its inception, Academy Opera Today has become an established player in fostering careers in opera.

Education-related projects – enabling talent
The Deutsche Bank Foundation’s educational projects create educational opportunities for children and young people. Above all, these projects aim to facilitate the successful transition from school to working life or university. Furthermore, the foundation initiates and supports projects which provide new cultural experiences to children and young people so that they can develop new perspectives for themselves and for society.

The STUDIENKOMPASS programme, initiated by the Deutsche Bank Foundation, the Foundation of German Business and the Accenture Foundation, shows how the educational perspectives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds can be improved. University attendance is higher among young people whose parents went to university, while only 23% of the children of parents without experience of higher education attend university. To increase their educational and employment opportunities, STUDIENKOMPASS offers a three-year scholarship that provides individual guidance on university and careers. With more than 90% of participants enrolling at university, it is a clear success.

Social investments – creating opportunity
Helping people to help themselves. Through its social projects, the Deutsche Bank Foundation provides individual assistance to people in difficult circumstances to enable them to independently overcome the challenges they face. The primary focus is on projects which broaden the employment prospects of disadvantaged people.

Social start-ups also work towards improving the situation of the disadvantaged. However, social entrepreneurs frequently struggle to obtain seed capital. To support promising projects, the Deutsche Bank Foundation and Social Impact GmbH have established Social Impact Finance – a training programme as well as the first crowdfunding platform to exist in German-speaking countries.

In terms of international emergency relief, the Deutsche Bank Foundation focuses in particular on rebuilding destroyed infrastructure in the aftermath of natural catastrophes: In 2013, the foundation provided €1 million in aid for flood victims in Germany and supported the rebuilding of homes in the Philippines following the destruction left by Typhoon Haiyan.

Deutsche Bank Foundation was created through the merger of Alfred Herrhausen Stiftung Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe and Deutsche Bank Kulturstiftung in January 2005 as an incorporated foundation with legal capacity; it directly and exclusively pursues charitable purposes.

Preceding foundations
Deutsche Bank Stiftung Alfred Herrhausen Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
The Foundation was established in 1986 at the initiative of the then Spokesman of Deutsche Bank Board of Directors Alfred Herrhausen – and renamed after him following his murder. It was the first vehicle in which Deutsche Bank institutionalised its social commitment. By 2004, more than €60 million had been raised to support people in hardship, to sponsor disadvantaged young people and for a wide range of social and educational projects.

Deutsche Bank Kulturstiftung
On the occasion of its 125th anniversary in 1995, the Bank consolidated its wide-ranging cultural commitment under this Foundation. By 2004, the foundation had supported more than 700 projects in fine arts, theatre, literature and music with approximately €30 million in total sponsorship.



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